We talk about building worker power, but to many it remains murky what that concretely means. We say organize for an independent working class, and that too remains vague for many folks. For us these things can be revealed through our actions, including what we specifically advocate for. We’ve crafted this platform to put forward a set of demands which we believe will build power and class independence for working families.

Not all demands are created equal, not all demands and actions actually build class power and class independence. This is why we feel it’s imperative to organize around this platform rather than other common slogans and demands we hear such as “medicare for all” or a “green new deal” which still keep workers subordinate to capital and ignore the centrality of class power and independence.

Only when workers grasp these demands and organize to fight for them on all fronts, including at the workplace and around our housing, can they be realized. We do not expect these demands to be won through reformist measures passed by politicians, but by ourselves through independent mass action which will require struggle and strikes to force concessions from local landlords, bosses, and their state. If you wish to organize around any of the demands listed in our platform please drop us a message!

Labor Platform

  • $30 Minimum Wage 
  • 25 Hour work week
  • Free job training for all, including higher education and trade schools
  • No overtime
  • No two-tier systems
  • Paid vacation for all
  • Paid sick leave for all
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave for all
  • Childcare for all
  • Healthcare for all
  • Just transition for jobs that perpetuate mass incarceration, the military industrial complex, and unneeded bureaucracy both within the state and private sectors
  • Worker control 

Housing Platform

  • Rent Freeze
  • Ban Evictions
  • Ban rent-to-own
  • Homes for all
  • Safety inspections for all
  • Free training for all tenants on safety inspections
  • Tenant Unions elect/recall property managers
  • Socialize corporate landlord properties
  • Proper infrastructure for all tenants, including collectivized recreation rooms, gyms, kitchens, laundry rooms, clinics, community centers, and green space