Target Workers Stand Against Fascism

Target Workers Unite organizing and taking action against oppressors When the name “Charlottesville” is invoked these days people think of fascist torch-lit rallies and right-wing terrorism. We will never forget what happened on August 2017 and recognize it as a flashpoint where the political divisions in the US became more stark than ever before. The … Continue reading Target Workers Stand Against Fascism

Guns N’ Poses

Virginians have been pouring out to county meetings across the state to demand local municipalities establish second amendment sanctuaries in response to proposed gun control measures from state Democrats. “the school shootings and the attending meaningless discussions about gun ownership are a distraction from the real problem. And that problem is a complex one having … Continue reading Guns N’ Poses

Report From A Local Walmart Worker

New Walmart Management Model Being Implemented in the New River Valley (editor's note: based on Walmart's notorious efforts to retaliate on workers for exercising their labor rights and speaking out, this particular Walmart worker would like to remain anonymous. If you're a local Walmart worker and would like to speak out on work conditions please … Continue reading Report From A Local Walmart Worker