New River Workers Power (NRWP) is a local independent working class organization that seeks to build political power for workers by workers and their allies across the region. Political power for workers can only be gained through militant struggle against their class enemies, whether they be the bosses, landlords, cops, the courts, politicians, the media, or the bureaucrats. We have nothing to gain by compromising or collaborating with these authorities who only ensure the perpetuation of exploitation and oppression of the working class by the capitalist class.

Before we can build power, we have to understand who are our friends and who are our enemies. No representatives of the State or Business are our friends, no matter what they say or what measures they take to prove otherwise.

Real political power for workers in the New River Valley must be done independently from the existing structures and organizations that are integrated into the government and capitalist economy. We have no desire to integrate into the state or capitalist enterprises as such things would completely undermine the ability of workers to establish our own autonomy and self determination. This includes the impotent practices of the liberal left who only want to elect, petition, and plead with the powers that be.

We have a long history of Appalachian workers taking militant action, fighting and engaging in combat against our class enemies to ensure our survival. From the Battle of Blair Mountain to the Pittston Miners Strike of 1989, when our living standards are under attack we respond with equal force against the rich, who only want to make profit off our misery. It is our duty to join and continue this proud legacy of a fighting working class.

We recognize that the working class can only be dangerous when we successfully unite against the particular forms of oppression rooted in white supremacy and patriarchy. This means we struggle against all forms of disrespect against, and between, workers on the basis of their skin color or gender identity. Historically this has been one of the root causes for the defeat of the working class. The rich know about these divisions, which they exploit to weaken us and prevent us from building unity. We must keep a vigilant eye within our own ranks to ensure every worker, no matter if they are Black, Latino, transgender, gay, women, or disabled, has an equal voice in the working class.

We call upon all workers of the New River Valley to join us on this difficult, yet heroic, road to fundamentally transform our communities so that our interests as the majority are fully realized, meeting our needs for gainful employment, education, housing, healthcare, and recreation, essentially all resources needed to live a decent life for everyone, free from exploitation and oppression against anyone.