In the leadup to the 2020 US Presidential election many on the Left have echoed the liberal slogan of resisting a potential “fascist coup” by Trump and his supporters. The main intervention by the Left in the leadup to this was the Bernie 2020 campaign. After this was easily and successfully routed by the Democratic Party the Left abandoned any pretense of serious intervention around the elections, with many “critically supporting” the Biden/Harris campaign.

DSA politicians, Democrat Party-controlled NGOs, and unions lined up to keep rehashing these liberal slogans to fearmonger people into accepting neoliberal rule. There even was a radical veneer behind some of this with unions calling for a general strike to “defend democracy”. 

The events of January 6th 2021 have only solidified the liberal line that we are experiencing a “fascist coup attempt”. There lacks a sober analysis of what is actually happening in the US right now. Historically coups require several things to even be considered coups in the first place, some of this means having a political organization formed with the purpose of establishing a provisional government, having international allies willing to recognize your government, and a significant section of the military willing to defect. None of these basic indicators of a coup have been present at all. The bourgeois state and capitalists across the US want a Biden/Harris administration. This fringe petty bourgeois right wing mob never posed a serious threat to “steal” the election from the capitalist consensus.

What does this mean for the Left? Its’ general conduct this past year has been one of capitulation to class collaborationism and abandoning any pretense of much needed working class independence. This remains the central task today for the Left, to establish a definitive break from liberal hegemony over the workers movement. Their “harm reduction” arguments are nothing more than justifications for American chauvinism against the global working class. We stand nothing to gain by defending the bourgeois state against this fake coup. The Biden/Harris administration is guaranteed to harm and kill millions of workers domestically and internationally. We build no real solidarity with the workers of the world by siding with one bloc of the US national bourgeoisie over another. We shed no tears when the bourgeois state is under attack, even from rightwing forces.

The dividing line today for socialists and communists is: will you establish working class independence against the class enemy of liberal imperialism?

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