Another election cycle, another set of two terrible, evil candidates supported by two evil corporate parties. And yet here we still are as workers without political representation nor a real strategy as to how we build our own independent class power to get our needs met.

Many braindead nationalists will respond “wELL wHaT aRe yOu gOnNa dO tHen!? wHy aRe yOu gIvInG uP!?”

We are here to tell you there actually is MORE IMPORTANT political action for you to take than wasting your day to go vote for candidates who should be imprisoned rather than endorsed for political leadership. There is no party in the US that represents working families, only parties that demand working families stay submissive to the interests of business owners, landlords, bankers, war hawks, and all around predators of the people, here and abroad.

This is why we crafted this list to show you the various things you can do right now as a worker to begin building power in your community and break the stranglehold the two-party system has on us, nationally and locally.

  1. Join or organize an independent worker collective – Workers are completely disorganized as a class right now. This is why we are constantly repeating these election cycles where we’re blackmailed into voting for the “lesser evil”. It’s like an IRL version of the movie Groundhog Day. And just like in the movie, we can’t break the curse until we change our strategy and actions. Rather than submit to this rinse and repeat cycle we’ve been stuck in for decades, we have to do something different. That means building politically-independent class organizations. It can be as simple as you and two other friends who work in your community coming together to discuss the issues you face and beginning to form a plan as to how you’re going to address these issues. It’s crucial you do this as workers and not as workers and bosses, or workers and landlords, or workers and bureaucrats, or workers and cops. The moment we include non-workers in our spaces is the moment we give up our much needed class independence. 
  1. Organize your workplace –  Part of the reason US workers are so disorganized and powerless is because we are not organized at our jobs. Over 90% of workers are not in a union (and even the ones who are still suffer from the same malaise as non-union workers). This is to the benefit of your employer. They have spent huge amounts of money and effort to not only destroy worker organizations over the last several decades, but to convince us workers that our interests are the same as the corporate executives we have to work for. Workers and bosses have no shared interests and the false notion that we do largely works to reinforce reactionary nationalism among the people. It’s partly why poor people can think rich politicians like Trump or Biden will represent them: when you think your boss is taking care of you, your coworkers and the community, it’s not that hard to think the political parties your bosses fund and endorse will also represent your political interests as a worker.
  1. Organize or join a tenants union – Landlords are the bane of our existence as workers. We have to break our backs at work and give them most of our money just to have something resembling a home, even if what we’re paying for isn’t adequate. Landlords have an entire network organized to ensure they keep sucking our blood, from the property managers, to their lawyers, to sheriffs who will evict you for lack of funds. Every working family deserves good, safe housing and the only way we will get that is by organizing with our neighbors across the trailer parks and apartment complexes so no one ends up out on the curb, or in an overpriced motel room, even if it means we have to physically stop evictions.
  1. Organize or join a mutual aid group – We know (or at least we should) that the powers that be will never meet our needs unless we force them to. Until we have built up enough capacity to engage in collective struggles through strikes, boycotts, and occupations, we have to build infrastructure to support working families in the lead up to mass actions. This could be anything from doing food drives, to home repairs, volunteering to do childcare, or general wellness checks on those in our community who otherwise are only getting the crumbs offered by the state and non-profits.
  1. Combine all efforts in Points 1 – 4 to Flex Independent Worker Power – If you can successfully do all the above in a democratic manner organized by you and your friends across the community and across these different fronts, you will have built real worker power that can seriously challenge the power of your bosses, the landlords, the cops, and the political parties they support. Our goal as workers is to create parallel organizations that undermine the authority of the status quo while building up ours so we can take over our community and have working families actually set and enforce policies that represent our interests for good housing, living wage jobs, and a future worth believing in for all, not just for a rich minority.

The only way we build worker power is through organization! It’s past time we get organized independently from the Republicans, Democrats and their failed ideologies! We demand real hope and change based on independent worker organization!

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