On September 5th McDonalds workers at the Pulaski location on Main Street were retaliated against by company management for wearing Black Lives Matter masks. The workers were sent home and subsequently fired just for wearing masks to show their support for Black Lives while working.

The Pulaski McDonalds Workers Committee demands that these fellow workers retaliated against by management be:

  1. Reinstated and provided backpay for lost wages as a result of missed work since the incident of retaliation on September 5th.
  2. Stop being at odds with the McDonalds Corporation and other companies across the New River Valley by supporting Black Lives, not retaliating on them.
  3. Management must apologize to the workers for the harm they have caused them and their families.

The Pulaski McDonalds Workers Committee also calls on the community to support these demands by taking the pledge to boycott the Pulaski McDonalds until the demands are met.

The community must show the Pulaski McDonalds management and owners that Black workers’ lives matter and that it is UNACCEPTABLE for any business to retaliate on Black workers for sharing the same message McDonalds Corporation already has endorsed.

Sign the Pulaski McDonalds Worker Committee petition here

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