Long’s Mobile Home Park Tenants have been getting organized over the last several months to press their new landlord, Franklin Management Company, to repair the neglected infrastructure in their park and make it safe for their families and children. Stay tuned for updates in this campaign as we support these working families to get safe housing. Below is the text of the petition delivered to the landlord:

Dear Franklin Management Company, 

We as a community are writing to you because we are concerned with the way the property is maintained. There has been very little done to maintain the mobile home park. We understand that during this difficult time it is hard to come out and fix things. However these repairs have been put off for a very long time. We also understand that the company just purchased the park. This is the reason we are writing to you as a community. A list of our concerns are the following:

First, we are asking that the roads that are throughout the park be paved. The potholes are causing damage to our vehicles because some of them are so huge that you can not miss them. Which is causing us to have to make unnecessary repairs to our vehicles. 

Some of the street lights are out or dimmed, which is causing us not to be able to see at night. There have been some incidents with someone walking around the park at night and it is hard to see who it is or what they are doing with the lights out or dimmed.  Some of us have called the electric company to see if they can come out and fix them however the management has to call them. Also there is no longer any yield or stop signs up. This is causing safety issues with the traffic coming down the hills. There have been several occasions where there were almost accidents because there are no signs up. 

We are asking that some of these repairs get started as soon as possible so that we may continue to live in a safe community setting. We want to thank you for taking the time to consider our concerns and help us improve our community. We will include photos of all the potholes and all the repairs we have mentioned.           


The Tenants of Long’s Mobile Home Park

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