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Workers at Warm Hearth Village (WHV), located in Blacksburg, Virginia, are calling upon the community to support them as they struggle against racism on the job. After filing an internal complaint with Warm Hearth Village management and filing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charge, Black healthcare workers at WHV are fed up with the lack of action and accountability on the part of WHV management over persistent issues of racism workers experience both from their white colleagues and patients. Examples of this racially-charged, hostile work environment include the use of racial slurs, favoritism, and even the violation of the medical privacy of Black healthcare workers. 

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When workers notified WHV management about the above issues, they put the workers on an unpaid leave of absence as they conducted their internal investigation, not the transgressors who used racial slurs. This only further confirms the favoritism experienced by some workers while not accommodating Black workers at WHV. Workers want to be treated equally and stop the unfairness occurring at their workplace. The workers, in accordance with their rights as defined by the National Labor Relations Act, are placing the following demands upon Warm Hearth Village management:

  1. Zero tolerance of racial slurs from staff or patients with an immediate discharge for offenders
  2. Fair and accommodating schedules for Black workers
  3. Enforce HIPAA and protect the private medical information of Black workers
  4. Equal pay rate for all CNAs
  5. No retaliation on any workers for participating in the WHV Workers Committee


The Warm Hearth Village Workers Committee asks that the community join them as they picket WHV management until their demands are met. The WHV Workers Committee and the community will rally on Thursday July 9th at 10AM at 3505 Holiday Lane to show the community stands with the WHV Workers Committee and that Black workers lives matter in the New River Valley.

Please sign the WHV Workers Committee Petition to tell CEO Ferne Moschella to meet their demands!

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