Local essential worker Janice needs our help!

UPDATE: Thanks to the community we were able to help get fellow worker and tenant Janice’s power back on! Thank you to everyone who donated, stay tuned for more updated on working family needs across the NRV during this crisis

Local essential worker Janice Spence has been living in her home without power during this pandemic. Between her wage garnishments and her lot rent being doubled this year by notorious slumlords Radford Companies Inc she’s struggled to keep up with the bills. Janice and her family have done everything they can to find a workable solution with Appalachian Power to get her power turned back on, but they refuse unless she pays a lump sum totaling over $500 dollars.

Janice has had to make the intolerable choice of paying rent to stave off eviction, purchase groceries to get adequate nourishment, or having electricity. It’s not as if Janice hasn’t been trying, as we said she’s an essential worker during this pandemic. Why should any essential worker be denied the basics of what they need to stay safe and healthy during this national emergency? We’re asking the community to help Janice and her family by calling Appalachian Power and demand they return power to their home and work with Janice to find a solution. No one should be denied the essentials during this time!

Please call Appalachian Power and demand they return services to fellow worker Janice! Here’s theiir phone number and a script you can use when calling: 

1 800 956 4237

Appalachian Power

“I am calling on behalf of essential worker Janice Spence located at Lee Highway Court in Pulaski County, Virginia. Janice and her family have been trying to work with AEP to get power returned to her during this national emergency and unfortunately your company has refused to help. Please return power to Janice and her family and find a workable solution to help them, thank you.”

We know many working families are struggling during this pandemic, but if you have the ability to donate to Janice’s fund please click here!

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Essential Worker Denied Essential Services by AEP!

  1. I contacted AEP on twitter over this. They have asked Janice to contact them via social media for assistance.
    I do not know how else to get in touch with her.


  2. AEP SAID ::

    The old bill is $511.72 and 1/3rd of the security deposit is $75.00, so the standard amount is $586.72 to start a new service account. We don’t typically offer arrangements on old debt, but considering the circumstances I can start the service for half of the old debt, $255.86, and the deposit and remaining old balance would be added to the next 5 bills. ^KH


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