Tenants located at 6152 OId Route 11 in Dublin, Virginia have been in correspondence with the New River Tenants Union since 2018 regarding their current rental unit owned by the RFS LLC company, based in Fairlawn, Virginia. This working family had just moved from a prior slumlord’s unit, which was covered in black mold and made their children sick, only to discover water damage, mold growth and mice in the current unit. The above pictures were taken in October 2019.

RFS LLC has refused to make repairs or maintain the property in a manner which is fit for a family to live in. This family in particular has struggled to secure good and safe housing – jumping from motels, to a camper – only to end up in two unsafe housing units in the New River Valley. For working class families good housing seems nowhere to be found, not for workers at least. Housing only seems to be built for the affluent, and the assistance working families need is scant, many not even qualifying for assistance – like this family.

This is the norm, those with the means to help working families refuse to, while working families end up in unsafe housing. Whether it’s the run-down motel room they have to stay at after being evicted because they got behind on rent because their jobs don’t pay enough or the rental units accessible for workers are just neglected by slumlords who constantly get away with it. Working families are struggling to get access to the things many take for granted – good, safe homes.

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