New Walmart Management Model Being Implemented in the New River Valley

(editor’s note: based on Walmart’s notorious efforts to retaliate on workers for exercising their labor rights and speaking out, this particular Walmart worker would like to remain anonymous. If you’re a local Walmart worker and would like to speak out on work conditions please fill our our contact form. Your privacy will be protected.)

There’s a new management model coming to Walmart that will destroy positions held by
longtime employees and eliminate several higher wage positions. It’s currently in a “trial phase” at the Roanoke academy store and other stores in the NRV are preparing to make the change in the next year, but as of now it is only being implemented in fresh grocery (i.e. meat, produce, bakery, and deli). This new model eliminates department manager positions, currently threatening 3 positions in each store. Other supervisory management positions are naturally unaffected.

In this new model, CAP supervisors will be replaced with a handful of minor supervisory
roles and will be directed by an assistant manager. It is not clear who the tasks of ordering and inventory will be delegated to. Also uncertain is how it will impact pay. Initially there was rumor of the assistant managers receiving a raise out of wages cut from the department manager positions, although the company will likely pocket that surplus labor value higher up.

This change will obviously eliminate several better paying positions as well as hinder
upward mobility. The few superficial titles the new CAP team model has don’t appear to carry any meaningful hierarchy nor will they likely come with any meaningful distinction in paygrade. This is already forcing department managers, some of which have been loyal to the company for over a decade, to consider taking a major pay and position cut or find new employment. We can naturally expect the bulk of their workload to fall uncompensated on the hourly associates who are already largely overburdened by Walmart’s stingy business practices.

4 thoughts on “Report From A Local Walmart Worker

  1. This “report” is so full of inconsistencies and opinion as to render it nothing more than a gripe. Businesses and owners are constantly looking for ways to better their bushiness and yes save on cost. Walmart is one of the largest employers in the nation and that being said has the largest workforce and then the highest payroll and labor cost. With many States and locals forcing higher minimum wage and other payroll restrictions Walmart is looking out for their business. Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be your last job. Everyone should be looking and working to better themselves and move up the latter. Those low level managers in the above case should be looking to move up or with the experience they have obtained at Walmart look for better jobs elsewhere. It is the normal way of life. As for the site that published this, did you reach out to Walmart officials to research the complaint or are you just here to be a “gripe” site??


  2. Robert, your comment is obtuse. You say these managers have the ability to “better themselves and move up the latter [sic]” and yet they are being demoted at the whim of executives. If a central aim of businesses, as you correctly point out, is to save costs, what reason do they have to promote those who work any harder. If you pulled that wool off of your eyes you could see it’s a rigged game. Are you just here to lick the boots of the rich?


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