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Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, more Radford Company Inc tenants are having serious pest infestations since moving into their unit. For over a year these particular tenants – who are elderly and disabled – have had persistent mice and bed bug infestations, something they never had prior to moving into this particular Radford Company property.

There are mice feces everywhere, they clean it and it all comes back in a matter of weeks. The mice have even eaten holes in their possessions and into the walls, ripping out insulation and making nests. These tenants have notified Radford Co. on multiple occasions only to be dismissed or even blamed for bringing these pests into the unit. At one point the property manager came to inspect the unit, taking pictures, shocked at the conditions, only for no to action to be taken.

It is common knowledge among Radford Co tenants that if the landlord can get away with not making repairs they will, yet they also hassle tenants about the outside appearance of their units and look for any excuse to slap a $75 dollar fine on tenants for “violating the rules”.

The Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act is definitely slanted in favor of slumlords, giving excessive leeway to institute almost any amount for a service fee or charge, while placing difficult expectations on tenants just to get something like repairs. Even with this being the case Radford Co consistently fails to meet their obligations to maintain their parks and units for the safety of tenants, whether it’s the falling trees crashing down on tenants’ property, the oversized speed bumps and pot holes damaging tenants’ vehicles, or inadequate repairs like throwing a piece of plywood over holes in the floors families have to live in. The conduct of this company is atrocious, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how they take advantage of poor and working class people in the New River Valley and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Radford Company Inc Tenant Report

  1. And everyone called me crazy when I lived in one of their units……. they’ve been doing this for years!!! I moved out 4 years ago if that says anything!


  2. They also try to screw you over saying you havent paid rent even when you have every single receipt to prove different. As well as the manager allowing her grandson to harass the tenants.


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