Since we put the word out on behalf of Melanie yesterday we have seen an outpouring of support from the community.  So far over $585 dollars have been raised for her and her kids! Melanie is very appreciative of the support, that people care what she and her kids are going through when they have otherwise felt isolated and left to fend for themselves by local government agencies and non-profits.

We have also had family members of her neighbors reach out to tell us their slumlord Setfan Cametas hasn’t compensated them for the maintenance work they have done around the property, such as lawn care and trash collection. These same family members have told us that not only has Cametas neglected to compensate his tenants for this labor he has left some tenants to scoop water out of their clogged bath tubs if they want to take showers. The plumbing is shot, the roof of the entire complex is questionable at best (this is what caused Melanie’s ceiling to collapse, which she had warned Cametas months prior to regarding the growing water damage to the ceiling).

On August 18th, this past Saturday, Cametas called Melanie to tell her she had to be out by the next day, Sunday 19th. He had no concern to provide alternative housing for her and her kids as their dwelling became unsafe to live in, but as the VRLTA states only a court-ordered eviction can remove a tenant. After word got out how Cametas has been treating his tenants he frantically called Melanie pressing her why she reached out to NRTU and why we went public with this, claiming that he had no prior notice that these problems were going on, that it’s unfair he is being treated this way. Quite a change in attitude Cametas has had towards Melanie and her kids these past few days, first he’s ready to kick them to the curb, now he’s playing the victim.

Maybe the community’s perception will change towards Stefan Cametas if he were to take care of his tenants as stipulated by the VRLTA. In the meantime we will keep the community updated on Melanie and her family’s situation. We want to thank everyone, once again, for the outpouring of support for this fellow worker in their time of need. Solidarity is alive in the New River Valley!

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