[Due to the threat of retaliation by DISH management DISH workers requested that we keep their identities anonymous, the following are accounts of their experiences with the recent layoffs and current business practices of DISH bosses]

Account #1

I have more information about DISH network. They have not only laid off employees at the site in Christiansburg, they have been laying off every site in the United States. This including the site in Colorado. They claim it is due to low call volume. This is not true.

Since the lay offs started, the call volume has been the same. The equipment DISH has is very faulty and has been the reason of all the lay offs. The employees that were laid off because of their performance had no choice but to send out replacement equipment and get a mark against them.

The employees that send a technician or replacement equipment get punished by helping them. For example, if you sent out too much equipment or technicians in two  quarters you will be placed on a development plan. If you continue to send equipment or technicians. You will get fired.

The real truth is they are struggling and are cutting as much costs as possible. The strange thing is, the corporate office has received many promotions this month. Every promotion, there are emails sent out to all employees.

They lie to their employees constantly, they tell employees to tell customers stories just so DISH does not have to waste money on helping customers. Recently, they have made sending out remote controls that have failed on the customers count towards sending out equipment and making easier and easier to fire employees to save even more money.

I’ve seen many of my good friends laid off because of this and I am sick of it.

Account #2

This whole thing has just been a mess. When you first get on with the company, in their training courses they tell you you can go as far as you want within the company, they get you motivated to come to work and to love your job, at least that’s how my class felt.

At the beginning of the training, my class started out with 11 people. At the end of training it was only me and one other person left. Everyone else had quit because of management. Once you actually start training out on the floor, your bosses become so nit picky about everything. They wouldn’t praise you on what you were doing right, they would bash you and yell at you until you wanted to cry.

I left my split shift crying because of how my boss treated me that day. They give no regards to your well being or your feelings. They are a company and only care about the money you get them. Before they announced the lay-offs, every one knew a big change was coming, but no one knew how big. It had been drilled into our minds that “Dish cares about its employees, they are always looking out for us” They also told us that no one would be losing there jobs or anything like that, they lied and said the site was not going to close. Even when they did announce the lay offs, they told us no one would be losing there jobs, we would all still have a job.

The next day everyone came in and they had a box setting at almost everyone’s desk. Some of the best employees there were let go. After that people had nervous break downs, peoples anxiety went up, because no one knew who they could trust, and if they still had a job. Before I quit due to health reasons ( which DISH did not respect ) we had 98 employees left. When I got hired in December, there were over 600. I am heart broken by this and I want to see a change or something done to them. They also gave us the option to move the WV site, which I’m sure you know, is closing. They keep lying saying that its because of low call volume, but its not. They are trying to shrink the company while the call volumes have soared.

8 thoughts on “An Insider’s View: DISH Workers Speak Out

  1. As a current employee knowing what they are telling everyone that is being laid off is a lie. We are always experiencing high call volume and making our customers wait far to long to speak with a agent. Dish doesnt care about their employees. My advice if your one of the lucky ones that still have a job. Start looking for another job! Also if you have been laid off file for unemployement.

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  2. It’s really great when corporate claims there’s contract negotiations when in reality corporate took a 2 week vacation around the holidays and left their customer service reps being cussed at and threatened and being called terrorists in December 2014/January 2015 when Fox News went down.


    1. When I worked there we had the FX outtage and I thought that was bad. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with the crazies who couldn’t watch fox news.


  3. I have worked for Dish a very long time. I can tell you that they don’t care about their employee. When it was rumored that Christiansburg was closing, they did everything to stop the “rumor.” They even sent Alex Greengold, a VP from Colorado to assure us that we will not be closing and we will still have our jobs. We trusted him because he used to run the Cburg site. He said and I quote “Cburg is special to me. One of my kids was born here. I assure you, I wouldn’t let that happen. “ Well, that was a load of crap!
    When we were told that we were “relocating,” HR and management said that we will have the opportunity to work at home or relocate to other sites. They provide relocation money they said. Again, that was a lie. Relocation was never an option. Ask any coaches and agents to see if anybody got transferred. They only made that statement to the press, so it won’t sound really bad.
    This week, most of the coaches were offered a T4 position or take the severance pay. These are employees that worked very hard to get to where they’re at. The pay decrease varies from $20k to $30k plus a year! Majority couldn’t take the position.
    The site leader, Randy never had our backs. He never fought for the workers. He just wanted to impress corporate.
    Dish doesn’t care about their customers either. It broke my heart to watch everyone (the agents) working so hard to avoid having to send a replacement equipment or send a tech. We just had to BS our way out of it. If the customer was experiencing a signal loss, we would tell them it’s due to the cloud coverage just so we wouldn’t have to roll a truck. Anything to hit our “goals.” Some of us really cared and continued to do what was best for our customers especially the elderly but we were put on a development plans, so we decided to do the same. If we can’t beat them, join them! Some would tell the customers that we sending a tech but we were not. The next rep they talk to would of course had to it. It is really sad.
    By the way, it’s true. They promoted a lot of corporate people and fired a lot of reps and coaches. I used to think very highly of Dish. Now, it’s a big disappointment.


  4. I can probably guarantee that nobody from my training class is left. The stress was overwhelming, Dish ruined my health even further than it already was and I was reprimanded for using FMLA. Even when I got put off by a doctor for a week due to strep throat and not being able to talk, I was still disciplined. I finally left because my health continued to deteriorate and I wanted to finish my associates degree and they refused to work with me on hours because “general studies” was not an appropriate degree to follow within Dish. After I left I lost 30 pounds within a month and a half and my blood pressure dropped too. They lie to their employees, it’s a cesspool.


  5. Let me tell you something else Dish management did during this process. The WAH (work at home) employees thought they were safe from the lay offs, but nope! They had the WAH coaches do the interview and hire the “eligible” candidates and then lay them off!! I personally think it’s heartless. They use people! Does money really do these to people? Where’s your integrity?


  6. I launched skill groups, trained, coached, managed and when I said I couldn’t be away traveling as much as they wanted I started getting knocked down by management…. a year or so back they had everyone agree to take “the dish pledge” to excellenece… if you could stay in good standing til 2020 u get a HUGE stock bonus. This was to motivate everyone to work hard… Then they started laying everyone off. Most of the site closures and layoffs are due to them moving toward work at home options… still sad to see a company I felt so safe at eventually knock me down to a front line agent after doing so much for so many years… looking for something new to say the least..


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