Since publishing our tenant testimony on February 4th we have received an outpouring of community support including recommendations of legal action for our tenant friend as well as additional testimonies confirming Radford Properties’ status as a slumlord operation.

We have been preparing for a march on the slumlord, comprised of Radford Properties’ tenants and other community members acting in solidarity. We have been preparing for legal action with our tenant friend as well. The threat of all these efforts have forced Radford Properties to concede to our tenant friend’s demands. Today they have confirmed that the property manager Jeanie has been fired, that our tenant friend will not have to pay rent for February, and that they will receive their security deposit back.

This victory shows that when workers unite and commit to action we are a powerful force. This is what worker power looks like. We are in the process of forming tenant unions across the region because it is only when worker-tenants are organized that we have the ability to bring change. If you want things to change then reach out to us and join efforts to build tenant unions throughout the New River Valley.

7 thoughts on “Victory For Tenants!

  1. What brought this about? What was Radford Properties accused of? I honestly have no clue what’s going on, I live in the NRV and haven’t heard anything about this.


  2. i have been waiting since Sept to get my deposit back. they trying to charge me for pressure washing and painting the unit after the roof leaked and caused the damage.


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