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When I began working for this store it was normal for the store manager to touch me whenever he talked to me. It began with a hand shake and progressed to a hand on my shoulder. A few conversations later it progressed further to a hand on my lower back which stayed there until he was called away or the conversation ended. He continued to touch me during every conversation until I stood up for myself by simply moving away, but then he would inch closer. I eventually told him to stop outright, saying that it made me uncomfortable.

After this, I started to get write ups. The managers started to target me out of the others on the team. My manager was pulled away from our work station and I was left to do his duties for months. When the time came for a promotion it was given to someone else because I was ‘too confrontational’.

The manager at this store knew where I lived, and when I was snowed in they would not accept a ‘call out’ and he came to get me. It was extremely uncomfortable, and I feel as if it infringed on my privacy. This has happened every year since I started working there.

Call outs at this store are not accepted. I have been too sick to go to work for fear of infecting customers and told over the phone by the manager that if I did not come in I would be written up.

I had come in on my day off to pick up my paycheck and was waiting for a manager to retrieve it when the store manager came up to me, lifted up my shirt to my bra, and asked if he could see my new tattoo. I saw the people around me looking at me, with the store mangers hand on my shirt and my shirt pulled almost all the way up, and could do nothing but tell him about my new tattoo for fear of losing my job

When new people come to work at this store I sometimes help in training them. For every new person that is female I warn them to stay away from our store manager because he has a tendency to touch women inappropriately and make them feel uncomfortable. I do this so that the new people might not quit as quickly as most do. 9 times out of 10 these new people come back to me saying, “I know exactly what you mean.”

I have been screamed at by the store manager. I have backed away from him in fear of his anger. He is out spoken with every emotion and expresses his anger in inappropriate ways. It is generally terrifying to work for him on his ‘bad days’.

During the course of my employment I know of two people that have been fired for nonsensical things due to the fact that they made too much money hourly for their position. Meaning that they had worked for the store long enough to get yearly raises that made their rate of pay higher then anyone else in the same position.

At this store you may not go over 40 hours, I’ve been told it’s because the time that you work over 40 hours comes out of the store managers yearly bonus and it will make him angry if you go over.

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