I first started working at the store when I was 17. One day the general manager decided to give the cashier who sales the most store cards a gift. I had the most store card sales that day so he asked me to meet him in the break room. I saw that he was alone in the break room so I asked another manager to accompany me real quick. He gave me a gift card to a restaurant.

The next few days at work he asked me who I was going to take with me out to dinner with my gift card. I told him my sister. He told me that if my sister cancelled her plans with me, he would happily take me to the restaurant, just the two of us. He brought this idea up at least two more times. He was upset when he found out I went with my family to the restaurant, instead of him. Also, since that day he would walk by my register and touch my lower back and whisper things like “you’re my favorite cashier” in my ear. This was something he would do from time to time the two years I worked at the store.

I didn’t like him touching my lower back and I always jerked away from him when he would do that. There was another time where he walked by my register and asked when I was planning on taking my lunch break. I told him, and found him waiting in the break room, alone. I decided to go shopping for groceries but I found that he followed me out there and walked behind me while I shopped for groceries. Every time I looked behind me he was looking at me, he was still at a considerable distance though. For the two years I worked there, that’s pretty much the only thing I can say about him.

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