I’ve been an employee at this store for a couple of years and thought it’d be a great place to work. It is for the most part, except for a couple of complaints here and there about hours or small typical issues. However, the reason I have started to dread going in to work every day is because of the general manager.

First of all, since my first week at this store, I was told by various workers that the manager generally made uncomfortable remarks to women and racist comments. And also that I should never bother to report this behavior to our company hotline, because in the past other workers had to no avail. The general manager’s district manager had supposedly gotten wind of this from corporate and then told the general manager about the complaint which implicated a worker. From the story I was told, that worker was either fired or quit.

Also around the time I started working, I witnessed people in extreme distress over the general manager. Friends told me that HR workers would go home crying and anyone who stood up to the manager would start getting ludicrous reports written up about them and were fired. Even workers that had been there for years were pushed out and replaced with younger workers in the name of company “downsizing.” Since working there, I would witness or be told by other workers that the manager would “lightly” punch, slap, grab, or even hold onto subordinates. Personally, I experienced this man grabbing onto my shoulders and staring me down just to tell me something almost insignificant. I was able to shrug that off mostly and avoided him as much as possible over the years. Recently though, I feel like I’m in a hostile work environment whenever he’s around.

I can’t give many details, in order to keep some confidentiality, but there was more trouble between the manager and I than just unwanted touches. I definitely feel like his remarks and jokes are what make me feel the worst. The manager’s unwanted compliments are what have bothered me for a long time. He’ll always make a point to tell me if he thinks I’m looking attractive on a particular day, which may seem harmless to some, but it would always make me very uncomfortable. He’d call me “Venus” and I didn’t appreciate that, but laughed it off.

Recently I came into work and the manager made sexually suggestive comments regarding my relationship with another coworker. I jokingly asked him to stop after he kept pressing the matter. Later, he again made comments insinuating my sexual relationship with my coworker in front of several superiors. I walked away at that point telling him to stop, trying to just shrug it off. Sparing the details, I went to HR for help and they did nothing, telling me that the manager didn’t know how a woman could get that meaning out of his comments. The next day he also told me that he was just trying to fit in with the guys. So, I’m pretty pissed and I avoid him like Hell.

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