While holding an HR position I witnessed and experienced sexual discrimination, racial and sexual orientation discrimination, along with class discrimination. I would attempt to make several reports promptly with my HR supervisor but the fear of the general manager finding out the report(s) would never get completed. During a lunch break, I had a cashier who needed to discuss past hours with me. I told them I would be with them right after break was over to wait at my desk. I knew they were wanting to get a confirmation of their hours because they needed to turn them into CPS for their children’s benefits. The general manager ran up to me and in front of the worker waiting said, “I bet she’s just trying to get those welfare benefits” and starts nudging me with his arm laughing loudly. My response was “in fact that is what she is needing to discuss”. The general manager’s face grew red and they immediately said “I need you to make five minutes out of your day to discuss this conversation we just had”. I did not make that time. The manager followed me around the store for the rest of my shift but I still never made that time.

This manager constantly calls out minorities behind their back to the rest of management. While watching the front check lanes, the manager would have what they like to call “mini business lessons”. This is where they would have lower management, such as myself, stand at the front with them while they discussed different topics. During one of these meetings he pointed out every cashier who was a minority with his finger. He said “see these people? They don’t do their job. They aren’t hard working. Why should I pay them equally or even allow them to work here while others appreciate their job more?”. I stated that the ones he pointed out were some of the hardest workers we had and they were all crossed trained in different areas. The manager said, “if they don’t work hard for me, what good are they?”

During a front check lane management shift, we were pushing store cards because our numbers were down. I witnessed the manager struggling to talk with one of the cleaning crew members. This gentleman was Hispanic. The manager called our only Hispanic cashier over to “translate”. The manager was trying to push a credit card on the cleaning crew member without explaining to him the details of the program. The manager became frustrated when he found out the gentleman was here on a work Visa and could not receive one. Later after the man had left, the manager approached myself and 3 other cashiers. The manager said, “Damn, I was hoping we could get at least eight cards since he’s here illegally and probably has multiple social security numbers”. One of the cashiers who was in the group ran directly to HR. The manager followed the cashier to make sure no report of the incident was made. The report was never made.

During my third interview for an HR position, the manager asked who I was currently dating. He asked “what’s his last name? Do you live with him? Why haven’t I met him? I don’t live with anyone or dating anyone. I guess I’m going to die alone” After asking these questions I asked what this had to do with my interview and he said “I just need to meet him to approve for you”. I was sexually harassed and publicly humiliated on several different occasions. During a morning huddle of a major holiday, we had over 20 management and team members attending, The manager awkwardly announced the amount of weight I had lost and that I needed to get in the middle for everyone to see. Another incident, I was writing the daily line up on a whiteboard. The manager approached me, ran his hand from my elbow to my shoulder moving the sleeve of my blouse. The manager said “I just want to see your tattoo”. When he found out that I was an atheist, he would find moments to discuss his beliefs and how I needed to believe that “God was watching over me with a plan”.

He made my HR position so difficult, I searched for different employment. Reports were never made due to fear of the manager finding out. When reports were made, the manager would find out. He would purposely seek out the workers who had made the report and follow them around the store during their shift. He would call them in his office to “discuss the matter”. The manager makes the work place a hostile work environment for the majority of his employees especially minorities.

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