I was hired as a seasonal cashier. During my first couple of weeks there the shift supervisor as well as the security guard had talked about “a party” for all of the new hires at the general manager’s house. Turns out it was a joke, to try and freak the new people out. The following week I was warned by some other ladies on the sales floor about how much of a creep the manager was, as well as that he could be quite handsy. Soon after he started talking to me before and after my shifts. At the start of the shifts he would ask about the store cards, and place his hand on my back and rub it gently. This happened every time that he would work. Towards the end of my time there and closer to the holidays, he would stand on the floor and ‘supervise’ the front end. He only greeted the younger female customers and even made derogatory comments about customers that would ask him questions to other guests as well as to other managers there. More specifically, he was standing up front with another manager and an older lady came up and asked for assistance. He answered her question and then this couple came by and he complained about that woman to them calling her “rude” and “stupid.” I think what makes this whole situation so bad is that other people, including management, is aware of how he is and they do nothing about it, they even joke about it with the new hires.

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